Success Stories - Nebraska

Clerus Solutions assisted the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (NDMV) with the development of a Comprehensive Driver’s License and Identification Card Issuance REAL ID Security Plan and Gap Analysis assessment. Having drafted the REAL ID Security Plan Guidance Handbook for DHS, Clerus has a clear understanding of what is important to a State’s security plan. In addition, the Clerus staff’s familiarity with configuring SharePoint sites allowed us to quickly respond to NDMV’s needs for an automated tool.

Using it’s expertise, Clerus Solutions authored a security plan for Nebraska DMV and designed an inspection tool specific to NDMV needs. Our collaborative approach was designed to educate and empower Nebraska staff to perform self-assessments in regards to the NDMV Security Plan.

Clerus Solutions then analyzed all data collected to create a gap analysis that identifies any problem areas that need to be addressed and provides recommended solutions to ensure the desired levels of privacy and security in Nebraska DMV.

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"The Clerus team delivered quality results and met our approved schedule - exactly what was promised! Clerus’ approach to collaboration is so effective that state resources are not distracted from their primary responsibilities."

~ Beverly Neth, Director
   Nebraska DMV