Success Stories - Kentucky

Clerus Solutions served as the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Program Manager for planning Kentucky’s REAL ID implementation, should Kentucky decide to participate in the program. The driver license and identification card issuance service in Kentucky involves approximately one hundred and twenty-three separate government entities. As a result, Kentucky established a REAL ID Task Force to represent the interests of those entities. The Task force included:

Circuit Court Clerks

  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Kentucky State Police
  • Division of Driver Licensing in the Transportation Cabinet
  • Commonwealth Office of Technology

Clerus provided the resources that guided the Kentucky REAL ID Task Force through the decision making process on each programmatic and IT-related REAL ID requirement.

Deliverables included:

  • A detailed REAL ID Compliance Checklist, which was subsequently made available to all US driver licensing agencies,
  • A REAL ID Compliance Gap Analysis specific to Kentucky’s existing driver licensing environment, based on the Compliance Checklist,
  • A Concept of Operations for Kentucky should it decide to participate in REAL ID, and
  • An evaluation of alternative organizational structures for driver license and ID card issuance in Kentucky, including costs for the various alternatives.